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A diverse holding company based in the San Francisco Bay Area with an expertise in a variety of fields such as green agriculture, clean beauty, eco detergent, air and gas filtration, construction material, and aquaculture. We are dedicated to ensuring that our brands thrive and exceed expectations.

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GSX is a producer of high quality, natural products. We have rapidly become the most reputable Camellia Oil and Saponin producer of the early 2000s with our quality products offering highly beneficial properties.


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Sasanqua Saponin?

Camellia Oil: The Key To A Better Skincare Routine

Antiviral and Antibacterial Qualities of Sasanqua Saponin


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Grow your experiences with a new job at Etalink US. We work in B2B and B2C bringing wonderful agricultural, mechanical, cosmetic and nautral, eco-friendly products to everyone.


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