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Offering cutting-edge technology, Symflow Air supplies air compressor filtration and purification systems around the world. The global network includes Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.


“Delivering High-Efficiency Solutions for Clean Air Systems”

Who We Are

Apureda International, the manufacture of Symflow, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of compressor filters and dryers, located in Shanghai, China. Through joint research and development with British, German, American, and other research institutions, the company launched a new generation of low-carbon freeze dryers in 2008. In 2011, Apureda partnered with the world’s most authoritative manufacturer of high-end dryers, the Dutch Delair Company, to produce various high-end suction dryers.

We ensure competitive products with stable performance, reliability, quality, and environmentally sound impact. Our products are widely used in machinery, electronics, medicine, food, chemical, electric power, textiles, aerospace, shipbuilding, petroleum, metallurgy, and automobile industries

Symflow Pipe is a leading supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel piping with multiple applications that include compressed air piping, water supply piping, gas piping, and solar energy piping. Symflow is devoted to developing and manufacturing the finest air and water piping systems in the business. 

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