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GSX Camellia Oil

GSX is a producer of high quality, natural products. We have rapidly become the most reputable Camellia Oil and Saponin producer of the early 2000s with our quality products offering highly beneficial properties.

Beauty, Wellness, Cooking, and Pet Care


Camellia Oil

From wellness to beauty, our Camellia Oil has got you covered. Using patented, award-winning technology, we extract our oil from the seeds and fruit of various camellia plants to provide you with quality oil for dietary and cosmetic purposes


We provide a wide variety of high-quality camellia oil to best suit your needs. Our patented, award-winning technology ensures that you receive the best active components that camellias have to offer.


Rice Bran Oil

GSX offers premium-grade Rice Bran Oil with a full range of Oryzanol from 1000-20000 + ppm. Rice Bran Oil is rich in natural antioxidants such as Oryzanol, micronutrients, Phytosterols, and Vitamin E. It is an excellent choice for heart-healthy cooking and food preparation and an essential ingredient in beauty products such as cleansers, moisturizers, masks, etc., to purify, soften and brighten skin.

Saponin Liquid.jpg


Our Saponin is an eco-friendly, natural surfactant. It can be used for personal care, home care, and is even safe for pet care.

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