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In-House Sales Assistant

Etalink Inc. is a wholesaler and distributor in the industries of nature plant based products. We are looking for a Inhouse Sales assistant team member who will be an enthusiastic individual that is ready to contribute to the success of the career. The position will be responsible for identifying Skin care, Personal care, House care, Turf care, Nursery and gardening, Pests control and Pet care industries, gathering information to have a key role indirection of the product line from the start. This role requires a self-starter with a high level of organization, critical thinking and dependable follow-through.

Required Skills

Experience with related industries will be a plus

Critical thinking and problem solving, organized, self-starter and reliable with good follow-through

Excellent verbal and written communication

Proficient with MS office suite to run calculations and prepare presentations and experience in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel

Experience with photo and video editing software such as; iMovie, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and CSS is a plus

Social media account management experience is a plus

Related R&D experience is a plus

Education & Experience

Bachelor's degree desired but related experience will also be considered

3+ years of combined education and experience in the field is preferred


To Apply please send you resume to

Angela Chen: 


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